Surah Al Kahf,Dhulqarnain,Yajuj,Majuj,Sleepers of the Cave,Khidr and Moosa A.S.

                 Dhulqarnain is normally interpreted as “Two Horns” but my interpretation is Dhul means “two”,Qarn means “Mountain” and Ain means “Spring or Blowhole or Gate or Wall” which translates to Wall between two mountains or Spring near two mountains.Based on my interpretation, I have found that Jebel Al Qamr mountains near Salalah,Oman are the ones in between which Dhulqarnain erected the wall to save people from Gog and Magog also known as Yajuj and Majuj.At the start of Jebel Al Qamr mountains near Mughsail beach,there is Marneef Cave where we can see the spring or blowholes. The Marneef Cave Rock itself look like a person with a long nose when viewed from blow holes or spring.It might be the tomb of Dhulqarnain.Also we can talk with ghosts or Soul which left or Rooh in Marneef Cave.Marneef Cave

                Surah Al Kahf in Holy Quran talks about three subject: 1)Sleepers of the Cave 2)Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S. 3)Dhulqarnain and Yajuj,Majuj. Marneef Cave may be the sleepers Cave.Mughsail Sea might be the point where Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S. fish escaped . We can talk to souls or ghosts in Marneef Cave and Dhulqarnain wall can be found out in between Jebel Al Qamr Mountains.When I went there for a ride,I had seen the rocks were built inside with iron and some three feet height mongol looking persons were digging to put hole and  two persons were filling the hole.A competition was going on between them.My opinion is that the Mongol looking persons may be majuj and yajuj and the persons filling the holes may be Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S..Oman’s old name was Majan which sound like Majuj and yemenis were yajuj.Dhofar region was once part of Yemen and Yemen king had given it as a gift to Oman ruler.Yajuj,Majuj’s are people in and around Salalah and they were arrested and kept inside Jebel Al Qamr Mountains.Inside the mountains,I had seen iron and outside surface was yellow in color which looked like limestone mixed with Copper.I did not go upto the top and my driver told that there was a gate at the top of the mountain and it might be the Dhulqarnain gate.

Photo0092           Photo0100   Photo0091

               Marneef Cave was almost corroded.Visitors often were scared to stand below because the rock might fell down due to corrosion.My opinion is that the world will last till the Dhulqarnain rock gets completely eroded and by that time the wall may be broken by Gog and magog and they will start doing atrocities and it is one of the major signs predicted by Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) preceding Doomsday.

              Scholars differ in their opinion about  “who is Dhulqarnain  ?”.Is he Alexander or Cyrus The Great.In my opinion,Alexander The Great is Dhulqarnain because Alexander only travelled to South and Cyrus went only to the North.  


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