Hiring The Best Talent


Companies run well when they hire the best talent.Companies without good employees is like a building without a proper foundation.Talented employees are the backbone of any Company.How to hire the best talent? In this article,I will tell the ways to hire the best employees in the world.

Older Methods

Putting Ads on Newspapers:

Companies put advertisements on newspapers and hire employees.This depends on  the newspaper on which they are putting the ads,its popularity with the masses. If the newspaper is more popular,then they can get more candidates,local as well as outstation candidates.In this method,they usually get the employee within a particular region. The HR manager can hire regional candidates. This method is suitable for jobs related to linguistic process.

Direct Walkin:

Some Companies conduct Direct Walkin for particular jobs. This attracts lot of job seekers. The hiring manager can have one-to-one discussion with the candidates. The con is that they are limited to a particular geography and the company may or may not get the desired candidate.They always end up with a local hire.This type of method is suited for marketing jobs because they want the candidates to be fully aware of the local geography of the city. The candidate can do marketing well because they know the nook and corner of the city, as they are locals, and they know who is the big man in the city, and contact the right person to get the project.

Internet Hire:

Internet is the discovery of the millennium. It is the modern and best method to hire candidates. In this method, the Company can have a global reach and it can hire candidates from a pool of candidates around the globe. In this, there are three types:

  • Job Sites

  • Freelancing websites

  • Social Media Websites

The Most Important Job Sites are:

  1. www.monster.com

  2. www.bayt.com

  3. www.naukri.com

  4. www.indeed.com

The above job sites are the best in the world.In this type,Candidates have to create an account and submit their resume/CV on the jobsite. Employers, check these sites using keywords,select the candidates,conduct interview and get the best talent.If you want fresh candidates from all over the world,then this method is good.

The Most Important Freelancing Websites are:

  1. www.upwork.com

  2. www.elance.com

  3. www.freelancer.com

  4. www.guru.com

The above websites are the best freelancing websites in the world.Candidates from all over the world, who are mostly experienced candidates, and they are self starters, create account on these sites,bid for projects  as well as bid for candidates. They select the candidates,conduct interview and get the best talent.In this method, the Company can hire best experienced candidates. Also Contract2Hire Candidates can be easily found and filtered out.

The Most Important Social Media Jobsite is :

  1. www.linkedin.com

It is the No.1 Social Media Job Site where you can find the CV’s of almost all the top entrepreneurs in the world. Here you can connect with all the bones of the company and get employee referrals and attend interviews.The Company can hire the best talent who is spotted out by its own employee already and hence have mutual trust.There is no need to do behaviour analysis as the employee knows the candidate very well. So future problems are sorted out.


  In this millennium,everything is based on Computers and Internet Technology is the backbone of all. We use the modern technology to hire candidates and get the best out of them.In Internet, we have options to choose candidates from all over the world, irrespective of religion,caste,Color.The human resource is more,the talent is versatile and hiring is cheap and fast.At the end of the day,cutting cost to the company is what the company expects and it can be done through Internet based hiring. A penny saved is a penny earned. So if you are a jobseeker or an employer or an employee who wants to refer someone, please share this article on Social Media Sites like Facebook so that a jobseeker or an employer will benefit in some way. There are lot of poor people who are jobless and showing the right path itself by sharing this article will help them lead a better life and they will pray for you to God to show mercy towards you.


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