Viddyoze 3.0 Review


Technology is improving everyday and videos are produced by almost everyone.All Companies need video to explain their product.Everyday 400,000 videos are uploaded on Youtube.Usually Companies hire a Freelancer and pay a huge amount to produce videos.Freelancer produces a video and gives it to the Company. The Company wants some change and the freelancer revises it.Likewise a video passes so many revisions and finally it comes out. Sometimes, the freelancer becomes unresponsive and the Company has to hire a new Freelancer to start the work again.It becomes a Problem.To address this problem, a new fully automated video animation software is out in the market and it is called Viddyoze 3.0 .You can produce animation videos with 3 clicks.It is hassle free.

Viddyoze 3.0

Viddyoze 3.0  is first of its kind in the market. It is a template based system. All you have to do is select a template,upload your logo and the video is rendered. It is as simple as that. It has over 800 templates.It has several types of video templates and it comes under different categories.It is a cloud based software. When your open it,the categories of the video templates are displayed on the left side.It has a category called logos which itself has 267 templates. Title category has 67 templates from which we can use a wonderful title.Outro category has 30 templates.Social Media category has 66 templates. Transition has 11 templates.

Working of the Product

Opening the product will lead to templates page. You have to choose a template from the number of available templates.You can add different effects by choosing different templates.Then upload your logo and it embeds your logo on the template and it changes the template accordingly in such a way that it renders new video with your logo. It is an awesome experience. I used to hire freelancers for doing this job. They charge 80 dollars for creating a logo. Then to add a transition,I have to pay another 50 dollars. Here the experience is mesmerizing.Just with 3 clicks,I am good to go.

Who should have this product?

            This product is for all the people who wants to create an animated video. All website designers,Web Developers,Marketing people,Entrepreneurs should have this software in their hands.Fun lovers who want to create videos and upload it to YouTube,vimeo can have this software. Those people who want to create videos and sell it online can have this software.Music lovers who want music on their videos can have this Software.


  • It is just a 3 click process to create an animated video.

  • It saves lot time.Remember,Time is money.

  • It is cloud based.

  • It is very cheap

  • It has more than 800 templates

  • There is no technical knowledge required to create these animated videos

  • No need to download anything

  • Lots of transition effects are available.

  • Different types of Logos can be created.

  • Every month 15 new templates are added to the template repository

  • New versions can be created on the fly

  • More than 80,000users are using this software already


  • It makes you addicted to video creation

User Experience

I personally used this software and I am addicted to creating videos. It takes hours to create videos before with other software.First, you should have technical knowledge to use that software.Studying that software takes a lot of time.Then I have to invest in design part,come up with ideas,selecting the canvas, to creating the background, I have to choose everything and I have to invest a lot of time. Also I have to check for different styles. Studying the software itself takes months. I have to join a course to study the software which requires lot of money and hours spent.Remember Time is money.Time and money is wasted and at last when I sell It, I would not get the amount I invested . But with Viddyoze 3.0 yY money and time is not wasted and I can earn the money I spent for purchasing this software by selling two or three videos. So I am very profitable. Also I feel that I am a complete Graphics Designer. I can Compete with International crowd .By using this advanced software, I am way ahead of others. My designs are sold at international rates in international market and now I am financially sound. There is also work satisfaction and I can handle more clients as I get extra time. I became famous in the Digital Marketing Industry and I get lot of projects nowadays.

Price of the product

I bought the $97 version and I got my money back by selling two videos which I created using this software. Also I have created so many videos using this product. It creates a new trend in the technology market and this product is very cheap when comparing the price given to freelancers. Also by paying $37 more every month, I get 15 additional templates every month.With these additional templates,I can create more videos and I can earn more money.


With 800 templates, you have different permutation and combination, the options are endless.I recommend other users to have this software in their kitty. Do not look at the initial cost of $97.With 97 dollars, it will fetch you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.There are so many products available in the market which are costlier than this and it yield less profit with more working time.The working of the product is very simple. Even a person with no knowledge of animation can create animated videos with much ease. It will definitely make you, video addicted. It is sure that millions of videos are going to be uploaded in YouTube and Vimeo sites everyday.Freelancers have to find another path or they themselves have to keep this software to stay in the competition.The videos created by this software are world class and it creates international recognition for you as well as your Company.No video equipments are necessary to create videos.So you do not need anything to spend more than 97 dollars. Within 100 dollars the world is at your hands.Go for it. Rock the world with your videos.


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