Women Fashion Trends in Summer 2018


Everyday new new trends come in Fashion. Fashion only changes.In this article, we will look about the fashion  trends of women in Summer 2018.

Whether it is Summer of 69 or Summer of 2018, the first cloth which comes to mind for everyone is Cotton Cloth. Women in India wear Sarees throughout the year. Saree is a universal fashion for Indian ladies. But they start to wear cotton sarees as they are the best wear during Summer. For ladies who do not wear sarees, they can wear cotton pants and shirts or cotton churidar and Salwar kameez.

Yellow is not suitable for summer. It should be avoided. Also black color absorbs sunlight a lot and it becomes hot. So black color should be avoided during summer. White does not absorb sunlight. So it is recommended. Also pink,red,blue,green colors are colorful to wear in Summer.

Summer is hot. So bigger,the better. Bigger earrings,bigger shoes are here to stay in this 2018 summer. Wide pants,cotton denims,big buckle belts,side cutting sleeves,loose trousers,loose shirts are recommended and will be the trends for this 2018 summer.Plastic shirts and plastic leather shoes are on high sale and we would expect to see lot of plastic wearables as well as lengthy overcoats.

Wool blended blazers are a treat to watch this summer.Also

  • Layken Cut Out Dress

  • Puff-Ball Sleeves Cotton Blouse

  • Long Blazer

  • Feather-Embellished Wool-Blend Dress

  • Coloured dotted bikini

Will be the trends you can see in this summer. Beaches will be filled with thong bikinis.

Trends to adapt in Summer 2018

  • Black Wet Look High Slit Midi Skirt

  • Eiffel Wrap Front Shorts

  • Red Vinyl Bow Wrap Mini Skirt

  • Black Stripe Split Side Ruffle Front Skirt

  • Valeane Silver Crystal Studs

  • Charcoal Grey Double Split Lace up Mini Skirt

  • Black Scuba Double Frill Mini Skirt

  • Cream Lace Split Maxi Skirt

  • Grey Marl California Slogan Oversized Sweater

  • White Heart Print Frill Detail Wrap Dress

  • Basic Black Short Sleeve T Shirt Dress

  • Blue Pinstripe Tie Waist Shirt Dress

  • Black Frill Cut Out Tea Dress

  • Basic Charcoal V Neck T Shirt Dress

OFF Shoulder style dresses will be seen a lot


Dresses are for making beauties, more beautiful. Wearing dresses based on particular trends, makes more beautiful ladies into most beautiful ladies. Every country’s trend is different but there are certain universal trends in this summer which the ladies can adapt.Lizards change their skin based on their background. Likewise ladies can change their style to suit the need of the hour.


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