The invention of electricity has changed the lives of human beings. Lot of devices using electrical energy were invented and it changed the comfortness of the lives of human beings.One such invention is the Jack Hammer. In this article, we will look about Jack Hammer and its uses in electrical repair.


          It is a mechanical equipment using electrical power. It is also called driller or electrical driller. It operates on the motor principles. When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a torque which results in the motion of the conductor. When the number of Conductors are joined, it creates a circular motion or  it rotates.The rotating part is called the rotor and the stationary part is called the stator.The whole electrical equipment is called motor.

Jackhammer has a rotating motor in it. When electrical energy is applied to it,the motor starts rotating  and when the motor rotates, the chisel attached to it also rotates.So it is used to drill the walls etc. Hence it is called Electrical Driller.

Electrical Driller is used to drill heavy walls,wooden materials,rocks,pipes etc. It is used in the construction industry.It is used to cut the tiles.It is used to drill and put the holes. Electrical fittings are installed on the walls or on the wooden blocks.It requires drilling.For that,electrical drillers are used.

Electrical driller comes with various types of chisels. It comes in different length as well as in different diameters. So it used to put holes according to the diameter of the chisel blade.Some modern chisel operates with high power battery also. Usually AC or Alternating current is used. In U.S.,Alternating current comes with a frequency of 60Hz.In India, it comes with a frequency of 50Hz. It revolves 60 times per second or 50 times per second. Hertz is nothing but cycles per second. It is the unit of frequency.

Electrical driller is used for electrical repair. To put holes on iron gate, these drillers are used to put holes so that nails can be used on it. It comes in different colors. It is packed in a suitcase.So it is very safe. Also it comes with a User Manual. Using it you can study the technical aspects of the drilling machine. Also diagrams are given to fix the blades with the machine. Each blade is for different purpose. Most of the drillers come with 3 years warranty. It is available in all the leading shops. It can be purchased online. All country products are available in the market. Chinese drillers are cheap but the quality is not that much appreciable. If the budget is low,you can opt for chinese drillers.

It usually consumes 40 watts input power. It is very sturdy and rugged. Hence it is long durable. Its No-Load speed is 0-2800 rpm. No-Load speed is the speed with which it runs when no load is applied to it. rpm is nothing but revolutions per minute.The chuck size is 13mm. Impact drillers and hammer drillers are also available.


Electrical machineries are part and parcel of our daily life. Jackhammers or Electrical drillers are a must for electrical repairs. I suggest you to purchase a U.S. manufactured Electrical driller because its quality is really good.


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