Range Hood


AKDY 48″ Under Cabinet Range Hood is designed for every kitchen user. A range hood is often called with other names such as Extractor hood or Ventilation hood.The Ventilation hood or Chimney is made up of Stainless Steel.So it is very attractive.It comes with a 3-year limited parts warranty.

Why Should We Use it?

This product is necessary for all people who wants to be hygenic. Be it eating or inhaling or cleanliness,this product serves all the purpose.The main purpose of this Range hood is to eliminate the unwanted gases that emanate while cooking food.These gases mainly comprising of Carbon-monoxide is harmful for human beings,if we inhale it. The chemical formula for Carbon-monoxide is (CO). This gas is responsible for polluting the air.Also it creates numerous diseases in the human body. The most common diseases are breathing and neuro problems. The filters present in the range hood completely filters the unwanted gases and protects us.When this range hood is used with Cooking materials,the food prepared is poison free and hence it is healthy.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

All range hoods comprise of a exhaust fan. This fan is responsible for removing the unwanted gases away. As this AKDY 48″ Under Cabinet Range Hood has 530 CFM Powerful Motor,it runs fast and exhaust the gases quickly. It has a LED Display and it is touch controlled. As it uses latest electronic technology,it consumes less power and hence it saves a lot of money.It comes with a 3-year limited parts warranty.It weighs 82 pounds which is the only negative aspect to tell.


  • It filters out poisonous gases such as Carbon-monoxide

  • It removes Odour.

  • It removes grease

  • Parts are easily removable

  • LED Lighting Technology


  • It is 82 pounds


This product removes grease,filters out the poisonous air and cooks very good. Using it for cooking emanates all the health hazards. The fan runs fast and it is not noisy. It is cheap and worthy for its money. It is a must to have for all Kitchen lovers who wants to be healthy.Please check this link to check the products from Amazon:



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