Should There be Humour in Animated Explainer Videos


Technology is developing everyday.Seeing is thousand times better than reading.Whatever we write,how good the language be, it cannot be understood by everyone.But seeing a video, human beings can remember well.Seeing and hearing is better than reading. So technical videos are produced a lot by all  Companies. Animated Explainer videos are the latest technology in e-learning field.Animated Explainer videos are always humourous.In this article, we will explore the humorous nature of the Animated Explainer videos.

Animated Explainer videos

Videos that use animation technique to explain about a product is called Animated Explainer Videos. They are used mostly by marketing people. They are usually short videos of 1-3 minutes. Human beings concentration level is low.So, the videos are mostly short span videos.They explain the product very well in that short span of time. Human beings usually do not come in the video. The Videos are like cartoon type with humorous characters.

Different Types of  Animated Explainer Videos

Types of Animated Explainer videos are:

  • 2D animation

  • 3D animation

Simplest form of animation is whiteboard animation technique. In this a human hand which writes, is always shown in the video.In Kinetic Typography Animation, the message is delivered through words. Words are animated and conveys the message.Motion Graphic Animation is another type where animation is done through moving graphics.In Cutout Animation type, the characters are usually drawn on paper.It is cut out and made to animate. That is why it is called cutout animation.Animated Music video is another type where music is played along with animation so that it has a long lasting effect on the viewers.

Is Humour Necessary?

As the animated explainer videos do not involve human beings, humour is necessary in these videos.Human beings show expressions. Humour is naturally involved when human beings talk.Humour is necessary so that the interaction is good,interesting and it increases the concentration span.As the human can express his expressions, the videos are interesting and people can watch it for a long time. So when we start with humour,first the listener is happy and is in a jovial mood.So his concentration is good. He will more likely view the complete video.As these videos are created for marketing purposes,the whole video has to be seen by the viewer so that it gets the desired results.


Humour releases stress. A video seen without stress has a happy ending. It lasts in the memory for long. When it lasts in the memory, it creates a chance for the viewer to think about the product again and hence results in a sale. So humour in videos are absolutely necessary for the sales of a product.


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