Tips For Improving Our Lives


All people in this world are talented. But they are not equally talented. Some are over talented. Some needs to improve their talent.They themselves have to improve so that they are up to the mark.

Food and Drinks

Food plays an important role in the development of human body and in particular,brain. A child starts to develop its brain when it is inside the mother’s womb.  So the mother has to eat well so that the child has a good brain. After birth also, child has to eat good food so that it gets all the nutrients and minerals. Malnutrition is affecting the talent of  most of the people in the underdeveloped countries.

Eating good food is good for health. But for some people,over eating is becoming a problem. The problem of over eating and living a sedentary life, results in deposition of fat, in the belly. This results in problems such as Type 2 Diabetes. This disease is one of the biggest problem facing the world today. People eat pizzas and start living a lazy life without any exercise. Also they smoke a lot. They also drink lot of liquor. Smoking and drinking are the two main reasons for almost all type of diseases happening in the world today.

People have to do exercise a lot. They should do jogging,swimming,cycling, walking etc. If we eat a lot and do not do any exercise, the food we eat is not converted into energy. The carbohydrates we eat a lot are converted into fats and are stored in the stomach.It gets accumulated on the stomach and results in huge belly. If we exercise, the food we eat is converted into energy, and hence the fat are burnt. So sweating is essential to burn fat. Also we should eat less food but quality food.We should avoid carbohydrates and fats.Also we should not eat any fried food. Usage of Oil should be avoided.

We should avoid using cool drinks as much as possible. We should drink coconut water,lime juice,orange,grapes,apple juices more. Natural juices are the best for health.Older people are stronger than us because they ate natural food more and drank natural juices and fruits. They worked hard. They exercised hard. So they lived a happy life without any diseases.


Health is wealth.Once we know, how  to maintain our health, we can easily earn money. Only when we are healthy, we can work well. If we are not healthy, our body won’t adjust and we lose concentration.So our work fails which results in loss of job and money and happiness.Once we eat well,stay fit and avoid tobacco and liquor, we can improve our lives better.Others would not come and improve us.We have to improve ourselves ie. Self Improvement.


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