Start and End of the World

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Before the creation of Adam,Jinns were created at the place called Bahla in Oman.When God wanted to create mankind,he created Adam A.S. at the place called Adam,Oman.Oman is the shortform of Oh Mankind.Sur is the place where the Angel will start blowing the trumphet or Sur.Dajjal will be called Masih or False Messiah.He is tied with in the island Called Masirah Island.Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) clearly told that Dajjal will come from the east.”Adn” is the original name of Eden and the City of Aden is the Garden of Eden.When Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise,they prayed to God and they met at Mt.Arafa in Saudi Arabia.From there this world started and on the day of  Resurrection,all the human beings will be assembled at Mt.Arafa.That’s why it is so important that during hajj,everybody should be at Arafa and hence Arafa day is called Hajj day.


Surah Al Kahf,Dhulqarnain,Yajuj,Majuj,Sleepers of the Cave,Khidr and Moosa A.S.

                 Dhulqarnain is normally interpreted as “Two Horns” but my interpretation is Dhul means “two”,Qarn means “Mountain” and Ain means “Spring or Blowhole or Gate or Wall” which translates to Wall between two mountains or Spring near two mountains.Based on my interpretation, I have found that Jebel Al Qamr mountains near Salalah,Oman are the ones in between which Dhulqarnain erected the wall to save people from Gog and Magog also known as Yajuj and Majuj.At the start of Jebel Al Qamr mountains near Mughsail beach,there is Marneef Cave where we can see the spring or blowholes. The Marneef Cave Rock itself look like a person with a long nose when viewed from blow holes or spring.It might be the tomb of Dhulqarnain.Also we can talk with ghosts or Soul which left or Rooh in Marneef Cave.Marneef Cave

                Surah Al Kahf in Holy Quran talks about three subject: 1)Sleepers of the Cave 2)Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S. 3)Dhulqarnain and Yajuj,Majuj. Marneef Cave may be the sleepers Cave.Mughsail Sea might be the point where Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S. fish escaped . We can talk to souls or ghosts in Marneef Cave and Dhulqarnain wall can be found out in between Jebel Al Qamr Mountains.When I went there for a ride,I had seen the rocks were built inside with iron and some three feet height mongol looking persons were digging to put hole and  two persons were filling the hole.A competition was going on between them.My opinion is that the Mongol looking persons may be majuj and yajuj and the persons filling the holes may be Khidr A.S. and Moosa A.S..Oman’s old name was Majan which sound like Majuj and yemenis were yajuj.Dhofar region was once part of Yemen and Yemen king had given it as a gift to Oman ruler.Yajuj,Majuj’s are people in and around Salalah and they were arrested and kept inside Jebel Al Qamr Mountains.Inside the mountains,I had seen iron and outside surface was yellow in color which looked like limestone mixed with Copper.I did not go upto the top and my driver told that there was a gate at the top of the mountain and it might be the Dhulqarnain gate.

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               Marneef Cave was almost corroded.Visitors often were scared to stand below because the rock might fell down due to corrosion.My opinion is that the world will last till the Dhulqarnain rock gets completely eroded and by that time the wall may be broken by Gog and magog and they will start doing atrocities and it is one of the major signs predicted by Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) preceding Doomsday.

              Scholars differ in their opinion about  “who is Dhulqarnain  ?”.Is he Alexander or Cyrus The Great.In my opinion,Alexander The Great is Dhulqarnain because Alexander only travelled to South and Cyrus went only to the North.  

My trip to Salalah,Oman

Hello Travellers,

I welcome you all to my blog.This article is about my trip to Salalah in Oman.Salalah is located in the south of Sultanate of Oman bordering Yemen.Salalah is a well known tourist spot in the Gulf.It is Called “Gulf Kashmir”.Everyone knows Kashmir and it’s a part of India.I am an Indian and I started my trip from the southernmost tip of India called Kanyakumari.Of Course,India starts from Kashmir and ends at Kanyakumari.I boarded a flight from Trivandrum to Muscat and landed at the Muscat Airport at about 6:20 A.M. I was very much excited to land on Muscat because it was my first international trip.My friend took me and I stayed at my brothers home at Ibri.

                At midnight,I boarded a bus from Ibri and reached Salalah the next morning.The journey was amazing as I did not feel any jerks.Oman roads were fantastic when compared to Indian roads.I took a room and had a bath and went to see Prophet Ayub A.S. tomb and prayed there and drank the water from the fountain which has miraculous medical Properties.The water was very cold and sweet and I enjoyed it.This fountain is mentioned in the Holy Quran and in the Bible as Job’s fountain.

Next I went to Prophet Imran A.S. tomb and prayed there.This site is important for Muslims,Jews as well as Christians.Jews beleive that it was Prophet Moosa A.S. father and Christians beleive that it was Mariam A.S. father. The tomb was very lengthy about 30 feet.

              Next I went to Marneef cave which is along the beach side.Oman is famous for Jinns or Ghosts.Here  you can see ghosts coming and talking with us.It was a thrilling experience.Jinns eyes were very yellow with which we can distinguish Jinns or Ghosts from the human beings.Marneef cave is a must visit for ghost lovers.

                Next I went to a place called Mirbat which is a old port which is famous for fishing.This city was named after Mirbat who is a descendent of Prophet Mohamed(PBUH).His tomb is also there.

I went to the gravity point which is also a must visit for travellers.The driver put the car to Neutral and without putting any gear it automatically moved upwards without any acceleration and went a long distance.

                Salalah Museum was very good.Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) handwritten letter was kept there.We can see Oman’s heritage there.We can see lot of forts there in Oman.Oman scents were very famous.Salalah is snowy during season period and very dry during Off-season period.Salalah is similar to kerala in many sense.We can see lot of Coconut trees and lot of keralites particularly from Calicat there.

                Also you can see Prophet Salih A.S. and Prophet Hud A.S. tombs there at Salalah.You can also see the tomb of Cheraman Peruman,the Hindu king who converted to Islam during Prophet’s period.He was the first Indian converted to Islam.He saw the moon splitted by Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) and  went from India to Saudi Arabia and converted to Islam there and while coming back,he stayed at Salalah and died there.

Also you can see Gog and Magog also known as Yajuj,Majuj there.Oman’s historical name was Majan and they refer to Majuj and Yemenis are Yajuj.Majans had historical links with chinese and Mongolians were also called Majuj.You can see Dhulqarnain wall while going from Salalah to Yemen by road.You can see the mountains filled with Copper and inside with Iron.It was an amazing ride to the hills.

                Any article about Oman should include Jinns or Ghosts and any reference to Jinns should include Bahla which is a old city near Ibri.It is the birth place of Jinns or Ghosts.You can definitely see ghosts in Bahla and in Nizwa fort.You can see Jinns praying at Hijar mosque in Bahla.Ganapathy has elephant’s head and man’s body.Likewise you can see Jinns with human body and donkey legs there.Jinns noses are like skull,their eyes are very very yellow and their legs are like donkey legs.

               There is a place around the Yemen border where you can see sea on one side and mountains on other side.There one tree is there in the mountain.If you clap hands,Water will drop from the root of the tree.If you clap fast,water will fall fast and if you stop clapping,water dropping will stop.

                People who want adventure in their lives can visit Oman and enjoy a lot.Braveness is essential.You can definitely see or feel about some ghosts roaming.Muscat and Salalah are modern cities,Muscat is the capital of Oman and it has lot of beaches.You can enjoy modern life there.Sultan Qaboos Mosque is known for it’s architecture.I came back to Seeb Airport and took Oman Air and reached Trivandrum and back to Kanyakumari.Oman tour is just like Bermuda cruise and it is very worthy.Book the tickets and enjoy Oman.