Let Us Become a Businessman



Businessmen are the heroes of the world.  All the richest people in the world are from business field. What is the reason for their success?  Why people from other fields are not the richest people in the world? We will analyse this issue in this article.

Professionals Versus Business People

A Scientist, Sportsman, Engineer, Doctor are all well respected in the society.  However, they are not in the top ten list. These people earn their money by living in their own income and pay taxes for their income. They earn due to the skill of theirs. What these persons, commonly called public, excluding the business fraternity, spend their income by purchasing some things.  It is going into the hands of shopkeeper a.k.a.businessman. Professionals earn their money due to their skills.However, a business person earn their money by exchanging some items and not through their skill.  

Income Analysis

A professional’s income is divided into:

  • Expenditure

  • Income tax

  • Savings

A businessperson’s income is divided into:

  • Expenditure

  • Savings

Income Tax

Businessperson do not spend money on income tax.  A professional’s income is taxed whereas a businessman’s transaction is not taxed.  They say that it is taxed but the taxes for the transaction is charged on professional’s bill. It is not charged on  businessman’s bill.They say that they are doing service for the public.So it is not taxed on their bill;public should bear the tax.  A professional is earning money to feed his family which is taxed.  But a businessman is also doing business to feed his family but their transactions are not taxed. Businessman’s tax is paid by  the common man. So their income tax becomes additional income. Also they do false charts regarding their income.So they have to spend little money as tax for their huge income.  Government knows that they are false charts but they manage to escape and  it is giving them additional income.Business person’s intellectual fraud is eating into Common man’s pocket and it again drains the professional’s money. So the professional becomes poorer and the business person becomes richer.

A professional’s Earning Is Fixed

When the price of commodities become high, professionals cannot increase their salary.So when there is price rise, they have to spend additional money.This makes them poorer again.

A Businessman’s Earning Is Not Fixed

When there is a price rise,  businessman will increase the commodities price. So there is no additional expenditure for them.  They collect additional money from the professionals.  It increases the income of businessman greatly. When there is price fall, they do not reduce the price which again adds into their income.A common man’s need is converted into businessman’s money.But a businessman’s need is not converted into common man’s money.

Foreign Exchange

Most often, business people travel abroad.  When they come back, they get huge money through foreign exchange. For example, a businessman coming back to India from Dubai will get seventeen times the original amount. Thanks to 1 Dirham= 17 Rupees;A businessman coming back from U.S. to India will get sixty times of his original amount;  Thanks to 1 Dollar= 60 Rupees;Businessman’s money is multiplied by their foreign exchanges. So business people will become more and more rich. The money multiplied has to be beared by the common man of the nation which will further make him poorer.

This is another form of interest.  Interest will make rich into richer and the poor will become more poorer.


All the above said points are called world economics. The world does not see anything wrong in these policies. This means that world economics favour business people. So better become a business person and live wealthy instead of toiling hard on other fields and earn nothing.So study business,start a business and live a wealthy life.