Let Us Change



In Today’s world everything is changing.People used to watch Television and listen to radio before.Now we are in the internet era and everything is Computer based.People are switching  from Cell Phones to Smart Phones.What it means is Technology is changing and in turn it changes the way people live.Fashion changes everyday.Time changes every second.Earth changes it’s position every day and night.If you dig deep into this,we can understand that it is the word ‘Change’ which makes everything continue their existence.Likewise for human beings to exist and live life in a better way,human beings have to Change.


Why Human beings need to change?

If you look at nature and the world,it is continuously changing.Temperature,Climate and Season changes Continuously.Likewise,Human beings have to change.People have changed  from Stone Age person to internet savvy person.Man has to change for  survival and better living.If something is not going right,then something has to be changed. Isn’t it?.We can live better if we know to change.Every person in this world dreams about a happy living,healthy living,good economic conditions,better Climate,better comfort,better style.How can we achieve these dreams?We have to make some changes in our habits,our thinking.


How can we change our habits?


Smokers have to change to quit smoking.

Smokers have to change the way they live.For that,they have to change the way they think.They have to change to a condition that they have their mind in control.They have to change their resistance levels for Nicotine.Once they change their resistance,they can quit smoking.


A fatty person has to run and swim a lot.

Fatty person has to change their cholestrol level.For that they have to change the way they think.They have to change to a condition that they have their mind in control.They have to change their resistance levels for Cholestrol foods.Once they change their resistance,they can become slim.


How can we change our lives?

Once we know how to change our habits and take full control of our mind,then the system is stable and we are ready to roar to reach our goals.First we have to set a target to reach our goals.Then set a path to reach the target destination.Make changes to our priorities and learn new ideas,techniques,courses to gain knowledge in that field.Once we make a habit of reading,learning new ideas related to our field,we are good to go.It is just like setting out tools ready.Now we are ready to drive our Vehicle through the path.If the path is rough and patchy,then we have to apply our formula word, ie.”Change”.Change the strategy,make essential changes  and ride over that path and we can reach our destination.Once we achieve our goals,then change the goals,apply our formula word and repeat the process.That’s it.


What is the formula?

Our formula is the word “CHANGE”.



Once we know our formula and know how to apply it to our situation,We can change our lives.Once our lives are changed,the world will change and our comfort zone will change and our dreams will come true.So let’s apply the formula ‘change’.If you have read up to this far,then you are ready for a change.Make it a habit to read our blog and apply the formulas we say,then you will definitely see a change in your life.





Inspirational Quotes

Famous Quotes Of Mohamed Shalimar

“Success of every person lies in the failure of others”

“Beat the Best,Best will become better”

“The word ‘Will’ has more willpower than the most powerful words”

“Failure is the father of Success”

“Death succeeds you only when you are not able to succeed death”

“Failure has no Face Value”

“Future of failure depends on the failure of future”

“Stability of Success depends on Successive Success”

“Yesterday occurs due to the Success of Today”’

“Success has everything to Show whereas Failure has everything to hide”

“Success battles better than Failure”