Early Pregnancy Scan


Women are wonderful creatures,created by God. Woman gave birth to all the people in the world.Before giving birth, they have a pregnancy period. Science and Technology has improved a lot. Previously,only after the birth of a child, we would come to know whether it is a boy or a girl.Due to the advancement of technology, a process called scanning is invented. Through this we can find out whether a baby is a boy or a girl, during pregnancy itself. In this article, we will see about Early Pregnancy Scan.

Western Women

In western countries, women are considered a boom to the Society.Women have all the freedom. Women are the wealth of a nation.Women participate in everything.Interreligious or Inter Caste marriages are common in western society.So there are no honour killings. Women have freedom of sex. Everything is fine in western countries. They like girl children. So when they take scan before pregnancy, whether it is a boy or a girl,it is same for them. So there is no problem with scanning during pregnancy period.

Women in India

In developing countries like India,Women are not considered as a boom to the society.Women has less freedom. Women are not the wealth of a nation. Women do not participate in all the activities.Interreligious or Intercaste marriages are not common.There are honour killings.Women do not have freedom of sex.Almost everything is forbidden in Countries like India.They do not like girl children.When they take scan before pregnancy,if it is a boy,then they are happy. If it is a girl, then they are not happy.so there is a problem with scanning during pregnancy period.


In developing countries like India,there is a system called dowry.In this, the parent of bride has to pay some money for the bridegroom.Usually they ask money as well as huge amount of gold.So the parents of girl child find it difficult to pay the amount.Girls who are born to rich, escape. Girls born to poor parents are in trouble. Poor parents try hard to get a girl child married. If they have so many girl children, then they find it hard to get them married. So they consider, girl children as a burden.So they kill girl child when they born itself.


In countries like India,Sex is forbidden. A marriage is the correct way to have sex. Anything outside of that is forbidden.During teenage period,girls and boys fall in love.If they have premarital sex, then that girl is considered as a bad girl. Usually the boy escapes. The girl who had sex, had to suffer.If she becomes pregnant, then if it is a girl child,again they kill the child because of social stigma.Usually the girl who loved a boy is often held separately. She cannot live alone.Her parents disown her. So the girl child cannot survive.So they kill the girl child.

Caste Factor

In countries like India, caste is a main factor for riots. Communal clashes also happen because of girls. If a lower caste guy marries a higher caste girl or vice versa, then the parents or brother of the girl kills the guy who married her daughter.So honor killings happen and this will create an enmity between those two families and it will be converted into an enmity between two castes and they become lifelong foes and this continues for coming generation also.If a boy is from a different religion than that of girl, then this results in Communal clashes. It leads to more communal clashes and it spreads like wildfire.Often,Bomb blasts take place because of communal riots. Because of that, some are branded as terrorists. It leads to another type of problem for the Society.All these factors led to the dislike of girls.

Early Pregnancy Scan

When they scan the child during pregnancy, if they found that it is a girl, then some people tell them to kill the child in the foetus itself so that future problems would not arise.This has become a huge problem in countries like India.So the Government has enacted laws which prohibit to scan, during pregnancy. As these people are illiterates, the Government has to enact the law. It is completely correct for countries like India to prohibit scans during pregnancy.


As literacy rate is getting high and social stigma is decreasing, there is reduction in the killing of girl child. But this law has to be in place for another generation so that this menace of killing girl child will be completely eradicated from the planet.


Shakes: The New Meals


In today’s world,one side of the world, there is poverty and malnutrition and in  other side,there is abundance of food.Because of overeating, so many diseases are coming. Type 2 diabetes is a common problem. It occurs because of overeating and sedentary lifestyle.Meal replacement shakes are solution to this problem.In this article, we will look about meal replacement shakes.

People eat traditional food like rice. It is rich in carbohydrate.Carbohydrates are the source of fat. People do not exercise. Carbohydrates are converted into energy.The unit of energy is calories. Carbohydrates, in the presence of oxygen, gets converted into energy plus carbon-di-oxide plus water.Proteins are oxidised to give energy plus carbon-di-oxide plus water plus nitrogen. Fats are converted into fatty acids and glycerol. All the food has to be converted to energy. If proper metabolism does not happen, then these carbohydrates are deposited as fat on the belly and in other parts of the body. If people do not exercise and sweat and make the metabolism correct, then the fat is not burnt. Otherwise these fats are accumulated in the belly and it leads to diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

People cannot live without eating. At the same time, they can skip eating with meal replacement shakes. Lot of meal replacement shakes are available in the market. They do not contain artificial sweeteners,carbohydrates,sugars,fillers or harmful chemicals as ingredients. One of the best meal replacement shake available in the market is 310 shakes.It contains proteins taken from plants. It also contain vitamins, minerals,Superfoods,probiotics. It gives 90 calories of energy.310 shakes are available in various flavours namely vanilla,Strawberry,vanilla chai,Chocolate,salted caramel,mocha shake.It costs around 68 dollars.

These shakes prevent the carving for carbohydrates,giving enough amount of Calories which the body want.So it is used by people who want to lose their weight. Also weightlifters,joggers,military people use these shakes a lot because they do not want to have a big belly. Plant based diet shakes offer three plant based proteins. They are

  • Pea Protein Powder

  • Brown Rice Protein

  • Hemp protein

Pea Protein Powder is used to activate hormones which makes the users feel like stomach full, thus preventing the urge to eat more.Also it contains branched chain amino acids or BCAAs which makes the users sit in muscle building state.Thus it helps in decreasing belly fat.

Brown Rice Protein helps you to recover the muscles after a physical activity.It keeps the users blood sugar level in a balanced state and reduces spiking.As it contains low fat, it helps to reduce cholesterol which is responsible for heart disease.

Hemp Protein contains lot of fibres and omega-3s which are good for overall health. Fibres are essential food for piles patients. Also it prohibits the carbohydrate carvings and increases the metabolic rate of the body.As metabolism happens naturally by drinking these shakes, it results in weight loss.

Also there are shakes available mainly for weight loss seekers and has different flavours also.These shakes contain whey based proteins which contains nine amino acids which are responsible for building of muscles,improving strength and reducing weight. 

Whey Protein Isolate:

This whey protein is a meal replacement shake that works fast and contains less fat,carbohydrates and lactose. It contains lot of amino acids which recover the muscles after workout.

Whey Protein Concentrate:

This whey protein is the well absorbed protein. This has lot of amino acids which are helpful in preventing heart diseases. These amino acids are good for overall health and it helps well in losing weight.

Milk Protein Concentrate:

This Milk protein Concentrate,when drunk,acts like a gel in the stomach and increases the level of amino acids. Increasing the amount of Amino acids,makes the users feel like full stomach, thus preventing the urge to eat more.

Vitamins,Minerals and Superfood:

Meal replacement shakes contain lot of vitamins and minerals which are present, 30% in abundance than the required daily value.Also it contains organic kale,broccoli,beet and strawberry. The users get all the nutrients and antioxidants they want for losing weight.


Another healthy ingredient available in these meal replacement shakes is probiotics. It is good for immune system and digestive system.These shakes supply the gut with good bacteria which helps the digestive system run smoothly.


Meal replacement Shakes are the healthy alternative for eating food. They have all the ingredients to  fight the diseases of the world today. So use it and stay healthy and live a happy life.

Tips For Improving Our Lives


All people in this world are talented. But they are not equally talented. Some are over talented. Some needs to improve their talent.They themselves have to improve so that they are up to the mark.

Food and Drinks

Food plays an important role in the development of human body and in particular,brain. A child starts to develop its brain when it is inside the mother’s womb.  So the mother has to eat well so that the child has a good brain. After birth also, child has to eat good food so that it gets all the nutrients and minerals. Malnutrition is affecting the talent of  most of the people in the underdeveloped countries.

Eating good food is good for health. But for some people,over eating is becoming a problem. The problem of over eating and living a sedentary life, results in deposition of fat, in the belly. This results in problems such as Type 2 Diabetes. This disease is one of the biggest problem facing the world today. People eat pizzas and start living a lazy life without any exercise. Also they smoke a lot. They also drink lot of liquor. Smoking and drinking are the two main reasons for almost all type of diseases happening in the world today.

People have to do exercise a lot. They should do jogging,swimming,cycling, walking etc. If we eat a lot and do not do any exercise, the food we eat is not converted into energy. The carbohydrates we eat a lot are converted into fats and are stored in the stomach.It gets accumulated on the stomach and results in huge belly. If we exercise, the food we eat is converted into energy, and hence the fat are burnt. So sweating is essential to burn fat. Also we should eat less food but quality food.We should avoid carbohydrates and fats.Also we should not eat any fried food. Usage of Oil should be avoided.

We should avoid using cool drinks as much as possible. We should drink coconut water,lime juice,orange,grapes,apple juices more. Natural juices are the best for health.Older people are stronger than us because they ate natural food more and drank natural juices and fruits. They worked hard. They exercised hard. So they lived a happy life without any diseases.


Health is wealth.Once we know, how  to maintain our health, we can easily earn money. Only when we are healthy, we can work well. If we are not healthy, our body won’t adjust and we lose concentration.So our work fails which results in loss of job and money and happiness.Once we eat well,stay fit and avoid tobacco and liquor, we can improve our lives better.Others would not come and improve us.We have to improve ourselves ie. Self Improvement.



The invention of electricity has changed the lives of human beings. Lot of devices using electrical energy were invented and it changed the comfortness of the lives of human beings.One such invention is the Jack Hammer. In this article, we will look about Jack Hammer and its uses in electrical repair.


          It is a mechanical equipment using electrical power. It is also called driller or electrical driller. It operates on the motor principles. When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a torque which results in the motion of the conductor. When the number of Conductors are joined, it creates a circular motion or  it rotates.The rotating part is called the rotor and the stationary part is called the stator.The whole electrical equipment is called motor.

Jackhammer has a rotating motor in it. When electrical energy is applied to it,the motor starts rotating  and when the motor rotates, the chisel attached to it also rotates.So it is used to drill the walls etc. Hence it is called Electrical Driller.

Electrical Driller is used to drill heavy walls,wooden materials,rocks,pipes etc. It is used in the construction industry.It is used to cut the tiles.It is used to drill and put the holes. Electrical fittings are installed on the walls or on the wooden blocks.It requires drilling.For that,electrical drillers are used.

Electrical driller comes with various types of chisels. It comes in different length as well as in different diameters. So it used to put holes according to the diameter of the chisel blade.Some modern chisel operates with high power battery also. Usually AC or Alternating current is used. In U.S.,Alternating current comes with a frequency of 60Hz.In India, it comes with a frequency of 50Hz. It revolves 60 times per second or 50 times per second. Hertz is nothing but cycles per second. It is the unit of frequency.

Electrical driller is used for electrical repair. To put holes on iron gate, these drillers are used to put holes so that nails can be used on it. It comes in different colors. It is packed in a suitcase.So it is very safe. Also it comes with a User Manual. Using it you can study the technical aspects of the drilling machine. Also diagrams are given to fix the blades with the machine. Each blade is for different purpose. Most of the drillers come with 3 years warranty. It is available in all the leading shops. It can be purchased online. All country products are available in the market. Chinese drillers are cheap but the quality is not that much appreciable. If the budget is low,you can opt for chinese drillers.

It usually consumes 40 watts input power. It is very sturdy and rugged. Hence it is long durable. Its No-Load speed is 0-2800 rpm. No-Load speed is the speed with which it runs when no load is applied to it. rpm is nothing but revolutions per minute.The chuck size is 13mm. Impact drillers and hammer drillers are also available.


Electrical machineries are part and parcel of our daily life. Jackhammers or Electrical drillers are a must for electrical repairs. I suggest you to purchase a U.S. manufactured Electrical driller because its quality is really good.

Let Us Cure Sleep Disorders With Modafinil


Science, in particular, Medicine is advancing everyday. But new diseases are also coming each and every year. Scientists are working hard to cope with the invention of new diseases, with new tablets. Such a new invention in the medical field is Modafinil. In this article,We will look about the modafinil drug.

Modafinil and Sleep Disorders


Modafinil is a drug used for treating sleep disorders. It is a psychological drug. It’s brand name is Provigil,Alertec. Some people want to sleep more naturally. This disease is called Narcolepsy. Modafinil is used to treat Narcolepsy. It acts as a sleep awakening drug by changing the dopamine chemical in the brain.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder(SWSD)

Another form of sleep disorder is shift work sleep disorder. This type of disease occurs because the sleep in inhibited by the natural working hours of a human. Normally a human body requires 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is divided into eight sleep cycles,each cycle for an hour. When a human body starts sleeping from 0 minutes to 60 minutes,One sleep Cycle is completed. If a human body starts sleeping at 0 minutes and wakes at 50 minutes,then the sleep cycle is broken and it is not counted as one Complete sleep Cycle. Human body has to again sleep one hour to complete the cycle and it needs eight complete cycle for it to work well and get refreshed. Modafinil is a cure to shift work sleep disorder.

Idiopathic Hypersomnia

Another sleep disorder is Idiopathic hypersomnia . It is a neurological disorder caused by excessive daytime sleep. Modafinil is prescribed for this sleep disorder.


Modafinil comes as tablets. It should be taken orally with or without food.It should be taken at daytime for Narcolepsy patients. It should be taken one hour before the beginning of work for shift work sleep disorder patients. The usage of this medicine should not be discontinued even it shows positive impact on the patient. Overdosage of any medicine is not allowed. If a patient forgets to take medicine,then skip that dosage. Do not overtake it.

Modafinil should be prescribed by a Medical Doctor. As it acts with brain, do not use this medicine without proper prescription. It is not a habit forming drug.


Sunrise International Labs Ltd. and Cipla Limited are the manufacturers of this drug in India.Modafinil comes under the brand name Modalert and Modapro in India. Modalert is a brand manufactured by Sunrise International Labs Ltd. Modapro is a product of Cipla Limited. It comes with a nice aluminium package.It is readily available in all the medical shops and it is very cheap.

Other Brand Names

  • Resotyl

  • Stavigile

  • Vigia

  • Vigicer

  • Vigil

  • Vigimax

  • Mentix

  • Modanil

  • Modasomil

  • Modavigil

  • Modiodal

  • Modiwake

  • Movigil

  • Alertec

  • Alertex

  • Altasomil

  • Aspendos

  • Forcilin

  • Intensit

The above brands are also available and you can purchase these medicines online also. All the brands manufacture the same medicine. The chemical composition of the medicine is the same. So there is no need to panic with the amount of names. But price may vary. So better consult or check the price before purchasing or ordering the medicines.


Usual dose is 200 – 400 mg taken orally in the morning as a single dose.


Store this medicine in ordinary room temperature.

Side Effects

  • Nausea

  • Drowsiness

  • Diarhoea

  • Hypersensitivity

Consult the Doctor if you have any of the above symptoms


  • Do not take with alcohol

Expiry Date

Always check the expiry date of the medicine before buying it.


With Modafinil,let sleep take a sleep. Purchase Modafinil and say goodbye to sleep disorders.

Should There be Humour in Animated Explainer Videos


Technology is developing everyday.Seeing is thousand times better than reading.Whatever we write,how good the language be, it cannot be understood by everyone.But seeing a video, human beings can remember well.Seeing and hearing is better than reading. So technical videos are produced a lot by all  Companies. Animated Explainer videos are the latest technology in e-learning field.Animated Explainer videos are always humourous.In this article, we will explore the humorous nature of the Animated Explainer videos.

Animated Explainer videos

Videos that use animation technique to explain about a product is called Animated Explainer Videos. They are used mostly by marketing people. They are usually short videos of 1-3 minutes. Human beings concentration level is low.So, the videos are mostly short span videos.They explain the product very well in that short span of time. Human beings usually do not come in the video. The Videos are like cartoon type with humorous characters.

Different Types of  Animated Explainer Videos

Types of Animated Explainer videos are:

  • 2D animation

  • 3D animation

Simplest form of animation is whiteboard animation technique. In this a human hand which writes, is always shown in the video.In Kinetic Typography Animation, the message is delivered through words. Words are animated and conveys the message.Motion Graphic Animation is another type where animation is done through moving graphics.In Cutout Animation type, the characters are usually drawn on paper.It is cut out and made to animate. That is why it is called cutout animation.Animated Music video is another type where music is played along with animation so that it has a long lasting effect on the viewers.

Is Humour Necessary?

As the animated explainer videos do not involve human beings, humour is necessary in these videos.Human beings show expressions. Humour is naturally involved when human beings talk.Humour is necessary so that the interaction is good,interesting and it increases the concentration span.As the human can express his expressions, the videos are interesting and people can watch it for a long time. So when we start with humour,first the listener is happy and is in a jovial mood.So his concentration is good. He will more likely view the complete video.As these videos are created for marketing purposes,the whole video has to be seen by the viewer so that it gets the desired results.


Humour releases stress. A video seen without stress has a happy ending. It lasts in the memory for long. When it lasts in the memory, it creates a chance for the viewer to think about the product again and hence results in a sale. So humour in videos are absolutely necessary for the sales of a product.

Range Hood


AKDY 48″ Under Cabinet Range Hood is designed for every kitchen user. A range hood is often called with other names such as Extractor hood or Ventilation hood.The Ventilation hood or Chimney is made up of Stainless Steel.So it is very attractive.It comes with a 3-year limited parts warranty.

Why Should We Use it?

This product is necessary for all people who wants to be hygenic. Be it eating or inhaling or cleanliness,this product serves all the purpose.The main purpose of this Range hood is to eliminate the unwanted gases that emanate while cooking food.These gases mainly comprising of Carbon-monoxide is harmful for human beings,if we inhale it. The chemical formula for Carbon-monoxide is (CO). This gas is responsible for polluting the air.Also it creates numerous diseases in the human body. The most common diseases are breathing and neuro problems. The filters present in the range hood completely filters the unwanted gases and protects us.When this range hood is used with Cooking materials,the food prepared is poison free and hence it is healthy.

Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

All range hoods comprise of a exhaust fan. This fan is responsible for removing the unwanted gases away. As this AKDY 48″ Under Cabinet Range Hood has 530 CFM Powerful Motor,it runs fast and exhaust the gases quickly. It has a LED Display and it is touch controlled. As it uses latest electronic technology,it consumes less power and hence it saves a lot of money.It comes with a 3-year limited parts warranty.It weighs 82 pounds which is the only negative aspect to tell.


  • It filters out poisonous gases such as Carbon-monoxide

  • It removes Odour.

  • It removes grease

  • Parts are easily removable

  • LED Lighting Technology


  • It is 82 pounds


This product removes grease,filters out the poisonous air and cooks very good. Using it for cooking emanates all the health hazards. The fan runs fast and it is not noisy. It is cheap and worthy for its money. It is a must to have for all Kitchen lovers who wants to be healthy.Please check this link to check the products from Amazon:


How to Prevent Sweating in Work Boots


Summer Season is going on now. People sweat a lot during summer.All people wear shoes nowadays. Shoes are a must to wear in Office. Sweating occurs in the feet. In this article we will look at the tips and tricks to prevent sweating in work boots.

Sweat naturally has bad odour associated with it. We should always wear socks to prevent our feet from sweating.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Foot From Sweating

  • Always wear cotton socks in Summer and woolen socks in Winter.

  • Always keep the shoes clean and tidy

  • Choose shoe size a little bigger than  your foot size so that air circulation will be there

  • Use antifungal powders such as Nuforce,candid inside the shoes so that there would not be any moisture

  • Pathogens like bacteria or fungus, like moisture.They grow well in damped regions. These pathogens are responsible for the bad smell.

  • Always use sprays to smell pleasant

  • Use Deodorant inside the shoes and on the foot.

  • Use a talcum powder to keep the foot dry.

  • Always air dry your shoes as possible.

  • Use sports socks because it absorbs sweat well.

  • Clean the shoes well.

  • Always keep the shoes under direct Sun and wet dry.

  • Use the polishes provided by the manufacturer.

  • Use creams like Nuforce,Candid,pragmatar on your foot

  • Use steroids like Kansel-B Solution

  • Use creams like kersol

  • Keep two or three types of shoes and rotate it every day.If you wear one pair of shoes one day, the next day, use the next pair of shoes.

  • Use Hair dryer to dry the shoes.

  • Clean the shoes with warm water.

  • Also clean the foot with warm water.

  • Use Antiseptics like Dettol,Savlon to wash the foot.

  • Avoid wearing shoes on rainy days

  • Use solutions like lysol and mix it with water. Then use a cloth ,dip it in the mixture and clean the boots.

  • Use Muck boots

  • Neoprene in Muck boots is waterproof and hence prevent foot from sweating.

  • Drymax Work Boot Crew Socks can be used

  • Men’s Chore Classic Tall Gusset shoes can be used to prevent sweating

  • Muck Grit Steel Toe Work Boots are recommended

  • Socks with ventilation can be used.

  • Use cut shoes so that you can take the foot outside frequently. This helps in the circulation of air.

  • Do not exchange shoes or socks with anyone.

  • Socks should be washed thoroughly before use.

  • Clean the shoes with cotton


Sweat is related to cleanliness and genetic factors. The types of food we eat is also responsible for the generation of sweat.If we keep our foot and shoes very clean, then there is no way for foul smell to come. Cleanliness is essential for a happy foot. We should keep our body cool so that perspiration would not happen that much. Use Fashion boots available in the market. It prevents bad odour.Also fashion socks are available in the market which prevents the foot well. Our body should be free from pathogens. If our body is infected with pathogens like bacteria or fungus,then whatever shoes or socks we wear, that foul smell will be there. So good hygiene is very important.Always take bath with antiseptic soaps like Dettol,Savlon and dry your foot well with quality powders and then put socks and then put shoes for a happy sweat free foot.

Women Fashion Trends in Summer 2018


Everyday new new trends come in Fashion. Fashion only changes.In this article, we will look about the fashion  trends of women in Summer 2018.

Whether it is Summer of 69 or Summer of 2018, the first cloth which comes to mind for everyone is Cotton Cloth. Women in India wear Sarees throughout the year. Saree is a universal fashion for Indian ladies. But they start to wear cotton sarees as they are the best wear during Summer. For ladies who do not wear sarees, they can wear cotton pants and shirts or cotton churidar and Salwar kameez.

Yellow is not suitable for summer. It should be avoided. Also black color absorbs sunlight a lot and it becomes hot. So black color should be avoided during summer. White does not absorb sunlight. So it is recommended. Also pink,red,blue,green colors are colorful to wear in Summer.

Summer is hot. So bigger,the better. Bigger earrings,bigger shoes are here to stay in this 2018 summer. Wide pants,cotton denims,big buckle belts,side cutting sleeves,loose trousers,loose shirts are recommended and will be the trends for this 2018 summer.Plastic shirts and plastic leather shoes are on high sale and we would expect to see lot of plastic wearables as well as lengthy overcoats.

Wool blended blazers are a treat to watch this summer.Also

  • Layken Cut Out Dress

  • Puff-Ball Sleeves Cotton Blouse

  • Long Blazer

  • Feather-Embellished Wool-Blend Dress

  • Coloured dotted bikini

Will be the trends you can see in this summer. Beaches will be filled with thong bikinis.

Trends to adapt in Summer 2018

  • Black Wet Look High Slit Midi Skirt

  • Eiffel Wrap Front Shorts

  • Red Vinyl Bow Wrap Mini Skirt

  • Black Stripe Split Side Ruffle Front Skirt

  • Valeane Silver Crystal Studs

  • Charcoal Grey Double Split Lace up Mini Skirt

  • Black Scuba Double Frill Mini Skirt

  • Cream Lace Split Maxi Skirt

  • Grey Marl California Slogan Oversized Sweater

  • White Heart Print Frill Detail Wrap Dress

  • Basic Black Short Sleeve T Shirt Dress

  • Blue Pinstripe Tie Waist Shirt Dress

  • Black Frill Cut Out Tea Dress

  • Basic Charcoal V Neck T Shirt Dress

OFF Shoulder style dresses will be seen a lot


Dresses are for making beauties, more beautiful. Wearing dresses based on particular trends, makes more beautiful ladies into most beautiful ladies. Every country’s trend is different but there are certain universal trends in this summer which the ladies can adapt.Lizards change their skin based on their background. Likewise ladies can change their style to suit the need of the hour.

Herbal Shakes: The Modern Meal


People are eating a lot and because of that, they become overweight.Obesity is a big problem facing the world today. Most of the rich people eat a lot and do less exercise. So they gain weight.Because of that so many problems arise in the body. Herbal shakes are a solution to this problem. In this article, we will see about Herbal shakes.

Herbal Shakes

Herbal Shakes are a new invention in the medical industry. They are meal replacement shakes. Instead of eating, we can drink these shakes.


Normal food we eat contains carbohydrates,fats and proteins.They are oxidised in the digestive system and the body  gets energy. The unit of energy is calories.In the digestive system,carbohydrates are oxidised, in the presence of oxygen, and gets converted to energy plus carbon-dioxide plus water.   Proteins are oxidised in the presence of oxygen, and gets converted into energy plus carbon-dioxide plus water plus nitrogen.Fats are converted into energy plus fatty acids and glycerol.When metabolism happens inside our body, we get energy. If we do not exercise and sweat, the carbohydrates are deposited as fat inside our belly. When fat gets accumulated, a person starts to gain weight and gradually they become obese. Because of obesity, lot of problems like heart disease,Type 2 Diabetes occur. People have to avoid carbohydrates and fats as much as possible. 

Nutritional Facts of Herbalife Shake

Herbalife is one of the best herbal shakes. It releases 90 calories of energy.It has 1g of fat.It has 0 mg cholesterol.It has 13 grams of carbs.It contains 9 grams of sugar.It contains fructose and soy. It has 3 gram of dietary fiber.    It has 9 grams of protein. As it contains fructose it tastes very good.Herbalife shakes comes in different flavours such as French vanilla,Dutch Chocolate,cookies and cream,Cafe latte,Mint Chocolate etc.Herbalife shakes when added with milk gives 170 calories.THe price of the herbalife shakes vary but the basic Formula 1 shake costs around $39.9 for 30 servings.Some Shakes cost around $49. For Formula 1 shake,it costs around $1.33 per serving which is very cheap.


Some people do not know when to take these herbalife shakes.The best time to take these shakes is after a workout. Once after workout, the muscles are tired and it needs instant nutrients. Everyone should sleep for 8 hours. So taking these Herbalife shakes before going to bed is important. If people do not take food for 8 hours, then it is bad for health. So taking a best Herbal Shake before bed is very very important for metabolism of our body.Like wise people should take Herbalife Shake after waking up from the bed. These shakes should be taken half an hour before doing any weightlifting.

Herbalife Shakes are to be taken two times a day plus one time regular meals.Usually meals is taken during lunch. Herbalife shakes are taken in the morning and in the night. Usually a shake should be taken with a minimum time gap of 3 hours. If people want to drink more Herbalife shakes, then they can use water instead of milk. The calories intake must be above 1200 and below the desired calorie rate of a particular person.


If people wake up at 6 A.M. and start doing workout from 7-8AM, then they have to drink Herbalife shakes at 6:30 A.M. that is half an hour before workout. Then after work out at 8.00, they have to take shakes.Then they should take lunch at 1PM Then at  6.00 P.M., they should take another shake and at 10PM. they should take another Herbalife Shake and at 11 P.M. They should go to bed.This is the menu for those who do workout in the morning.

If people choose to do workout in the evening, then the following is the menu. They should wake up at 6AM and do breakfast with Herbalife Shakes at 7 AM. Then they should take lunch at 1PM. THen they should take best Herbalife shake at 4.30PM.They should start doing workout at 5PM to 6PM. Again they have to take best Herbalife shake at 6PM and they should take dinner shakes at 10PM. and they should go to bed at 11PM


If people do exercise everyday and eat less food, then there is no problem for health. For those who cannot stop eating, they can use best Herbalife shakes. It curbs the starvings for the Carbohydrates and it is a proven formula to lose weight and cure for obesity. So use Best Herbalife Shakes and lead a healthy and happy life.