How NEET Exam has changed the landscape of Medical Education

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test commonly called as NEET exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) of India for the admission of Medical seats in India. In this article, we will explore more about NEET exam.

State Board Vs Central Board
Before the advent of NEET exam, state governments and central government conducted separate exams for medical and BDS seats.There are two types of education namely state board education and central board education.State board education is conducted by the state government of India.Central Board education is conducted by the central government of India.State board education syllabus is different from central board syllabus.State board syllabus is created by experts appointed by the state government. It is usually very basic and easy to study when compared to other syllabus.Central Board syllabus is created by experts selected from all over India and appointed by the central government. It contains huge syllabus.It covers syllabus from very basic to very advanced level. Usually students feel very tough to study CBSE syllabus.

Exam Pattern and Students Intelligence
Exams conducted by state government is straight forward. Usually students have to reproduce what is there on the book to score marks in public exams. So students score huge marks in exams. Those students who are capable of memorising the syllabus can score huge marks.Only the memory power of students is tested, not the intelligence of the students.So students from State board score huge marks in exams.

On the other hand, students from Central board syllabus are tested with difficult questions. Usually the questions are not straight forward. Students have to dig their brain deep to solve the questions.Students often end up with low scores.

Calculation of Marks
Students from State Board get admission to Medical seats based on the marks scored in Physics,Chemistry and Biology as well as the marks scored in the entrance exam conducted by state government.Physics and Chemistry marks are divided by four and Biology marks is divided by two and added together along with the marks scored in the entrance exam. The total marks are calculated for a total out of 300. Those who get the top marks are alloted seats in Medical Colleges and BDS courses.Those who score less marks but want to study medical courses often get admissions by paying a huge amount and get admissions in private colleges.
Each state in India has their own pattern and give admissions to medical seats on the basis of merit.

On the other hand,students from central board write entrance exam conducted by central government. Students get admission to medical and dental colleges solely on the marks scored in the entrance exam.Usually scoring marks in entrance exam is difficult than scoring marks in public exam. So often students end up with less marks.

NEET Coaching centres
NEET Coaching centres come into picture at this point.People from all over India start searching for coaching centres to specifically score marks in entrance exam. Usually coaching centres collect huge amount of money.So poor people cannot afford big money. So they cannot join coaching centres. Hence they cannot score big marks in entrance exams conducted by CBSE board. Also not all coaching centres are good. Usually good coaching centres are available in cities only. So people from rural areas cannot join coaching centres. Also if you want to join in coaching centre, first you have to be economically sound and the student has to be in big cities.So it is advantage for rich and city students. So very often rich people from Tier 1 cities get admission in Medical colleges and Dental colleges.

”One India,One Exam”
NEET exam is conducted by central government. This exam is based on the principle “One India,One Rule ”.”One India,One Exam”. People from rural areas are usually poor. They study in state government syllabus. They cannot cope up with central syllabus. As the questions are asked in central syllabus,they feel like they are in the darkness of the jungle.Some students don’t even know the exact syllabus. They often do not find quality teachers to coach them to the central syllabus.This breaks the dream of poor people and students from rural areas.Even students who score centum in state board exams are not able to get admission in medical colleges through NEET exam.

Exam Centres in Different States
Central government conduct exams throughout India. So their exam centres are placed in different states. Because of this people from Tamil Nadu has to write exams in Kashmir and Rajasthan because the central government has alloted their exam centres on that state. India is a big country with different languages spoken. No one knows what is spoken on the other end of India. People from Tamil Nadu also do not know Hindi. This creates additional problem for Tamil students who have to appear for exams in North Indian States.So students go with parents which creates additional expenditure for travel. This adds to the tension of exams. Also they have to travel huge kilometers. Not all people can afford Air travel.So they have to travel more than a day in train to reach their respective centres. This creates tiredness for the students and reduces the preparation time for students. Some of the students parents were sick and two parents died when they accompanied their children to the exams due to bad weather, last year. This adds salt to wound. Students suffer a lot because of this Neet exam.

Tamil Nadu needs exception from NEET Exam
So state governments like Tamil Nadu has requested the central government to give exception to Tamil Nadu students, which the Central government rejected. Also in states like Tamil Nadu,there is reservation for Backward,Most backward,Scheduled Castes,Scheduled Tribes.On CBSE pattern NEET exam, this type of reservation is not allowed. So students from socially backward classes cannot join medical colleges and their dreams are broken.Also, people who are selected and got admission in MBBS and BDS courses are alloted in different colleges in different states. This creates lot of problems for freshers as they have to accustom to the outside culture and language.

NEET exam conducted by central government is beneficial for economically sound,city educated and socially forward people. Students from other walks of life has to suffer a lot.As “One India,One Rule ” theory has so many limitations, it is time to rethink the policies for the betterment of the downtrodden people so that they also can achieve their dreams of becoming a Doctor and serve the nation.


How to Get a Job




In today’s world getting a job is not easier. More and more people are jobless everyday. Getting a job is an art.In this article, we will look at the ways to get a job.

Campus Selection

This is the easiest way to get selected for a job. Most of the companies come to college campus to recruit students. If we have higher percentage of marks ,we get a chance to appear for the interview. Once we clear all the rounds, we are selected for that job. 


This is another method to get a job. Companies need fresh candidates.They hire students as interns and give training.Apply on the company website and if you are shortlisted, you will get a call. Once you clear the interview,You are selected for internship. If you do well in internship, then you will become a permanent employee of the Company.


Once you are out of College and you are not selected, then the best way to get a job is through job sites. For this you need a resume. Preparing a resume is itself an art.Once your resume is ready,you can create account on online job sites. The best job sites are :


Once you create an account,you can fill all the required details and attach your resume with your profile and make it visible to employers.Then employers who search on these job sites, look for candidates using keywords.So your resume should have good amount of keywords. Once you are shortlisted, they will call you. Once you clear the interview process, you will get the offer letter.

Job Search Through Social Media

Social media like facebook,twitter,linkedin plays a great part in selecting candidates.Facebook has lot of groups for job seekers. You can join that group and apply for the advertised jobs. LinkedIn is the best social media dedicated for jobseekers. All the people in the world including big entrepreneurs like Bill Gates have profiles on LinkedIn.Employers search profiles through LinkedIn. Here you can create contact with the employees of Companies through friend request.Once the request is accepted, you can ask for internal reference. Companies give weightage for internal reference because their employees  know the candidate well. So they can check with the employees about the behavioural aspects of the candidate.With this, they know the candidate in advance.So future problems are sorted out.

Resume Vs CV

Bio data of a fresh candidate is called resume. Bio data of experienced candidate is called Curriculum Vitae or CV.

Contract Jobs

If you are an experienced candidate, then you can apply for Contract jobs and start your own company.There are lot of websites such as


Where you put your CV, bid for projects and get a contract work and start your own company.In these types of jobs, there are work from home opportunities. Here you can have your own timings to work and have lot of fun.There is no need to go to Office everyday. With the comfort of your home ,you can work.


As people are losing their jobs everyday,getting a job is becoming more and more difficult. As there is more and more competition,finding ways to get a job is important. Most of the people are talented.But they do not know the various options that are in front of them.So I request you to share this article so that more people will come to know these websites and get a job easily.