Musical Business



Businessmen are the heroes of the world.All the richest person in the world are businessman.Business is the backbone of a Country’s economy. So what is business? In this article, I will share some ideas to do business particularly musical business.

Starting a Business

  1. Money
  2. Type of Business
  3. Requirement Analysis

To get a job,money is not needed.But to start a business,money is needed. First,we have to choose the type of business we want to start.It depends on our interest.Based on that interest,We should do the requirement analysis. What are the things we need to start a business? For Example,if we want to start a Music troop,then we need all the musical instruments.We have to calculate for the cost of musical instruments. Then hire talented musician,singer,background dancers etc. Then make arrangements for the necessary money and start the troop.

Create a website

Once you start a troop,You have to go and do musical concerts.For that we have to get the musical projects. First hire a Web Developer and create a website. The website should be high quality website. Once the website is created,We have to popularize the music band.

Social Media

We have to popularize our music brand through Social Media Sites like Facebook,Twitter,Youtube.For that we need content. We have to create a music album or atleast a single song  and publish it on YouTube,Facebook and get followers on the site.

Search Engine Optimization

To get followers on our site,Our site has to show first on Google Page Rank. So we do a Technique called Search Engine Optimization and make our web page and our album to show on the first page of popular search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo.Once that is done,people will start watching our songs and an audience is created for us.

Doing a Concert

Once our music gets popular, we have to start doing concerts locally as well as internationally. For that we can issue tickets through our website.When we get more audience,the concert will become successful and our popularity grows internationally.

Giving a TV interview

Once our popularity rises, We can start giving TV interviews and get more popular.Then we will automatically get project for Hollywood and if we do better, we will naturally get more Offers and also get more money

Acting Profession

Once we enter Hollywood, we can do acting also. If we are not from English background,then we can dub our movies or songs in our local language and gain even more popularity.If our popularity slides,then we can do a TV show or do some ads and stay alive with the competition and regain our popularity.

Getting Older

Once we get old, we can train young boys and girls and mentor the students to become professional artists and get awards.

Charity Work

Once we have enough money,we can do charity work and help others and become even more popular with the masses and then contest for elections and become President of the Country.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a Latin pop star who started her career as a pop singer and entered Hollywood and is leading a rich life.Please visit her website at for more details.

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Business is a nice way to earn money. You can become rock star and become famous within a day.There are so many people who are hesitating to start a musical career. Please share this article on Facebook and other Social Media Sites and help them get a positive feeling about music and become a popular person and one day they will quote you that because of this article,I am here.