Early Pregnancy Scan


Women are wonderful creatures,created by God. Woman gave birth to all the people in the world.Before giving birth, they have a pregnancy period. Science and Technology has improved a lot. Previously,only after the birth of a child, we would come to know whether it is a boy or a girl.Due to the advancement of technology, a process called scanning is invented. Through this we can find out whether a baby is a boy or a girl, during pregnancy itself. In this article, we will see about Early Pregnancy Scan.

Western Women

In western countries, women are considered a boom to the Society.Women have all the freedom. Women are the wealth of a nation.Women participate in everything.Interreligious or Inter Caste marriages are common in western society.So there are no honour killings. Women have freedom of sex. Everything is fine in western countries. They like girl children. So when they take scan before pregnancy, whether it is a boy or a girl,it is same for them. So there is no problem with scanning during pregnancy period.

Women in India

In developing countries like India,Women are not considered as a boom to the society.Women has less freedom. Women are not the wealth of a nation. Women do not participate in all the activities.Interreligious or Intercaste marriages are not common.There are honour killings.Women do not have freedom of sex.Almost everything is forbidden in Countries like India.They do not like girl children.When they take scan before pregnancy,if it is a boy,then they are happy. If it is a girl, then they are not happy.so there is a problem with scanning during pregnancy period.


In developing countries like India,there is a system called dowry.In this, the parent of bride has to pay some money for the bridegroom.Usually they ask money as well as huge amount of gold.So the parents of girl child find it difficult to pay the amount.Girls who are born to rich, escape. Girls born to poor parents are in trouble. Poor parents try hard to get a girl child married. If they have so many girl children, then they find it hard to get them married. So they consider, girl children as a burden.So they kill girl child when they born itself.


In countries like India,Sex is forbidden. A marriage is the correct way to have sex. Anything outside of that is forbidden.During teenage period,girls and boys fall in love.If they have premarital sex, then that girl is considered as a bad girl. Usually the boy escapes. The girl who had sex, had to suffer.If she becomes pregnant, then if it is a girl child,again they kill the child because of social stigma.Usually the girl who loved a boy is often held separately. She cannot live alone.Her parents disown her. So the girl child cannot survive.So they kill the girl child.

Caste Factor

In countries like India, caste is a main factor for riots. Communal clashes also happen because of girls. If a lower caste guy marries a higher caste girl or vice versa, then the parents or brother of the girl kills the guy who married her daughter.So honor killings happen and this will create an enmity between those two families and it will be converted into an enmity between two castes and they become lifelong foes and this continues for coming generation also.If a boy is from a different religion than that of girl, then this results in Communal clashes. It leads to more communal clashes and it spreads like wildfire.Often,Bomb blasts take place because of communal riots. Because of that, some are branded as terrorists. It leads to another type of problem for the Society.All these factors led to the dislike of girls.

Early Pregnancy Scan

When they scan the child during pregnancy, if they found that it is a girl, then some people tell them to kill the child in the foetus itself so that future problems would not arise.This has become a huge problem in countries like India.So the Government has enacted laws which prohibit to scan, during pregnancy. As these people are illiterates, the Government has to enact the law. It is completely correct for countries like India to prohibit scans during pregnancy.


As literacy rate is getting high and social stigma is decreasing, there is reduction in the killing of girl child. But this law has to be in place for another generation so that this menace of killing girl child will be completely eradicated from the planet.


Let Us Cure Sleep Disorders With Modafinil


Science, in particular, Medicine is advancing everyday. But new diseases are also coming each and every year. Scientists are working hard to cope with the invention of new diseases, with new tablets. Such a new invention in the medical field is Modafinil. In this article,We will look about the modafinil drug.

Modafinil and Sleep Disorders


Modafinil is a drug used for treating sleep disorders. It is a psychological drug. It’s brand name is Provigil,Alertec. Some people want to sleep more naturally. This disease is called Narcolepsy. Modafinil is used to treat Narcolepsy. It acts as a sleep awakening drug by changing the dopamine chemical in the brain.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder(SWSD)

Another form of sleep disorder is shift work sleep disorder. This type of disease occurs because the sleep in inhibited by the natural working hours of a human. Normally a human body requires 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is divided into eight sleep cycles,each cycle for an hour. When a human body starts sleeping from 0 minutes to 60 minutes,One sleep Cycle is completed. If a human body starts sleeping at 0 minutes and wakes at 50 minutes,then the sleep cycle is broken and it is not counted as one Complete sleep Cycle. Human body has to again sleep one hour to complete the cycle and it needs eight complete cycle for it to work well and get refreshed. Modafinil is a cure to shift work sleep disorder.

Idiopathic Hypersomnia

Another sleep disorder is Idiopathic hypersomnia . It is a neurological disorder caused by excessive daytime sleep. Modafinil is prescribed for this sleep disorder.


Modafinil comes as tablets. It should be taken orally with or without food.It should be taken at daytime for Narcolepsy patients. It should be taken one hour before the beginning of work for shift work sleep disorder patients. The usage of this medicine should not be discontinued even it shows positive impact on the patient. Overdosage of any medicine is not allowed. If a patient forgets to take medicine,then skip that dosage. Do not overtake it.

Modafinil should be prescribed by a Medical Doctor. As it acts with brain, do not use this medicine without proper prescription. It is not a habit forming drug.


Sunrise International Labs Ltd. and Cipla Limited are the manufacturers of this drug in India.Modafinil comes under the brand name Modalert and Modapro in India. Modalert is a brand manufactured by Sunrise International Labs Ltd. Modapro is a product of Cipla Limited. It comes with a nice aluminium package.It is readily available in all the medical shops and it is very cheap.

Other Brand Names

  • Resotyl

  • Stavigile

  • Vigia

  • Vigicer

  • Vigil

  • Vigimax

  • Mentix

  • Modanil

  • Modasomil

  • Modavigil

  • Modiodal

  • Modiwake

  • Movigil

  • Alertec

  • Alertex

  • Altasomil

  • Aspendos

  • Forcilin

  • Intensit

The above brands are also available and you can purchase these medicines online also. All the brands manufacture the same medicine. The chemical composition of the medicine is the same. So there is no need to panic with the amount of names. But price may vary. So better consult or check the price before purchasing or ordering the medicines.


Usual dose is 200 – 400 mg taken orally in the morning as a single dose.


Store this medicine in ordinary room temperature.

Side Effects

  • Nausea

  • Drowsiness

  • Diarhoea

  • Hypersensitivity

Consult the Doctor if you have any of the above symptoms


  • Do not take with alcohol

Expiry Date

Always check the expiry date of the medicine before buying it.


With Modafinil,let sleep take a sleep. Purchase Modafinil and say goodbye to sleep disorders.