How to Prevent Sweating in Work Boots


Summer Season is going on now. People sweat a lot during summer.All people wear shoes nowadays. Shoes are a must to wear in Office. Sweating occurs in the feet. In this article we will look at the tips and tricks to prevent sweating in work boots.

Sweat naturally has bad odour associated with it. We should always wear socks to prevent our feet from sweating.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Foot From Sweating

  • Always wear cotton socks in Summer and woolen socks in Winter.

  • Always keep the shoes clean and tidy

  • Choose shoe size a little bigger than  your foot size so that air circulation will be there

  • Use antifungal powders such as Nuforce,candid inside the shoes so that there would not be any moisture

  • Pathogens like bacteria or fungus, like moisture.They grow well in damped regions. These pathogens are responsible for the bad smell.

  • Always use sprays to smell pleasant

  • Use Deodorant inside the shoes and on the foot.

  • Use a talcum powder to keep the foot dry.

  • Always air dry your shoes as possible.

  • Use sports socks because it absorbs sweat well.

  • Clean the shoes well.

  • Always keep the shoes under direct Sun and wet dry.

  • Use the polishes provided by the manufacturer.

  • Use creams like Nuforce,Candid,pragmatar on your foot

  • Use steroids like Kansel-B Solution

  • Use creams like kersol

  • Keep two or three types of shoes and rotate it every day.If you wear one pair of shoes one day, the next day, use the next pair of shoes.

  • Use Hair dryer to dry the shoes.

  • Clean the shoes with warm water.

  • Also clean the foot with warm water.

  • Use Antiseptics like Dettol,Savlon to wash the foot.

  • Avoid wearing shoes on rainy days

  • Use solutions like lysol and mix it with water. Then use a cloth ,dip it in the mixture and clean the boots.

  • Use Muck boots

  • Neoprene in Muck boots is waterproof and hence prevent foot from sweating.

  • Drymax Work Boot Crew Socks can be used

  • Men’s Chore Classic Tall Gusset shoes can be used to prevent sweating

  • Muck Grit Steel Toe Work Boots are recommended

  • Socks with ventilation can be used.

  • Use cut shoes so that you can take the foot outside frequently. This helps in the circulation of air.

  • Do not exchange shoes or socks with anyone.

  • Socks should be washed thoroughly before use.

  • Clean the shoes with cotton


Sweat is related to cleanliness and genetic factors. The types of food we eat is also responsible for the generation of sweat.If we keep our foot and shoes very clean, then there is no way for foul smell to come. Cleanliness is essential for a happy foot. We should keep our body cool so that perspiration would not happen that much. Use Fashion boots available in the market. It prevents bad odour.Also fashion socks are available in the market which prevents the foot well. Our body should be free from pathogens. If our body is infected with pathogens like bacteria or fungus,then whatever shoes or socks we wear, that foul smell will be there. So good hygiene is very important.Always take bath with antiseptic soaps like Dettol,Savlon and dry your foot well with quality powders and then put socks and then put shoes for a happy sweat free foot.


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